Simplified Payment Processing

Generate a customizable payment form for your website and start accepting payments easily and securely.

Note: MyPaymentForm is a free service but a Hosted Payment Page account with DPS is required (not free).

Works with:

  • DPS | Payment Express
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How it works

The payment process is generally transparent where MyPaymentForm is concerned. Unless the customer submits invalid data, they are unlikely to even notice that plays a role in the transaction:

  1. We provide a simple form that you are encouraged to style before adding to your website.
  2. When a customer submits this form, the data is sent to
  3. We generate a secure DPS payment page address on your behalf and redirect your customer there to complete payment.
  4. DPS notifies us of the transaction outcome and we send out your custom payment notification emails (optional).
  5. The customer is returned to one of two pre-defined pages on your website (a success page or a failure page).

PRIVACY When a transaction takes place, MyPaymentForm only links the current time, payor IP address and a random transaction ID to your form. Any other transaction data is discarded after returning the payor to your website.

A simple demo

Note: enter the card number as 4111111111111111 with any name, expiry date and security code when redirected to the secure payment page.

← disabled for the demo

There are up to 3 more optional fields available.